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What is SATNET Asia?

Satnet Asia is a network of gamers sitting on their arse sharing knowledge on awesome gaming technologies and improved gaming play online. will facilitates knowledge transfer through the review of kick ass new networking online casino games and video games   targets various gamers on asia themed games.   More than 45 software developers and over 1400 people are part of the broader network.

The Satnet Asia portal provides a platform for researchers and practitioners to share and exchange information on technologies and game  play and bonuses like the free spins. The portal aims to:

  • Share news and information on events and key activities of Network participants as well as job, training and funding opportunities;
  • Facilitate access to research publications, policy briefs, factsheets and training materials
  • Provides a database of information on sustainable agriculture technologies being promoted by Network participants
  • Allows Network participants to engage with one another through an online discussion platform called the SATNET Social Hub and comment on information contained in the portal